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We're here to help the most promising startups in a brand new way. Zoozler Tech Lab and our friends at Zoozler Venture Network work together to give you a comprehensive set of tools to succeed. If we think you have a powerful company or idea and we can help, Zoozler Tech Lab will help you design and build your dreams. Tech or no tech, having access to the right people to find everything from investors to startup-friendly service providers is essential. That's where Zoozler Venture Network comes in and connects bright entrepreneurs accepted to an immense global network of people and organizations looking to get you what you need to build your company.
Since we'll ask you about your business model, it's only fair that we tell you a bit about ours and why we're so good at picking winners:

Zoozler Tech Lab and Zoozler Venture Network are separate companies that share underlying ethical principles and subscribe to the same philosophy: You are the biggest factor in whether your company or idea succeeds. The stage of your company does not matter so much as the long-term potential. We take a small percentage of applicants, but our goal is to help everyone we can.

It is possible to be accepted into Zoozler Venture Network while not being accepted into Zoozler Tech Lab. However, if you are accepted into Zoozler Tech Lab, you will always have the support of Zoozler Venture Network - a large network of tens of thousands of investors, potential partnerships and more.
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Zoozler Tech Lab is highly selective (even more so than Zoozler Venture Network). Acceptance does not guarantee investment, though it may increase the odds substantially in some cases. Every company we accept poses a financial risk. We take a small stake in the startups we accept in belief that, by helping these exceptional companies reach their goals, the long-term opportunity will outweigh the short-term risks (the combined total is maximum 5%; the exact percentage depends on your company's stage). In return, the cost of designing, developing, testing and introducing your technology is reduced considerably to what is usually far below the market standard, despite the exceptionally high internal quality guidelines. We work with existing teams and founders without teams. However, to continue forward to the next stage of development or launch, Zoozler Tech Lab has strict quality standards. Therefore, we usually insist that our developers either take the lead or play a major role in the development process.
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How many people are in your team?

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